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Version 2.0.0 (08. June 2013)


  • FIX: The processing order of exclusive message handler with a parallelism level other than NoParallelism was occasionally wrong under heavy cpu load. This has been fixed.


  • CHG: [Breaking] Changed overridable method CreateView() on ViewDescription to accept agent environment and agent options.

  • CHG: [Breaking] Removed controller constructor with 3 arguments. Now, all controllers only need to implement a single constructor that accepts 4 arguments: environment, options, view and view model. Adapted controller factories accordingly.

  • NEW: Added property Control to interface IView. Control returns the FrameworkElement that implements the view. Adapted ViewDescription to take advantage of this.

  • NEW: Introduced attached dependency properties View.Environment and View.Options. Those attached properties can be used to attach agent environment and agent options to various FrameworkElements. The attached properties inherit theirs values to child elements much like DataContext.

  • NEW: Adapted WindowDescription to set the new attached dependency properties Environment and Options on its view.

  • NEW: Introduced control ZonePresenter, which can be used as a placeholder for embedded content, which can be defined via a ZoneDescription. ZonePresenter will instantiate and complete view, view model and controller. This control requires that the attached properties View.Environment and View.Options are defined on a parent FrameworkElement and will use those values for the zone's controller.

  • NEW: Introduced class WindowPosition, which holds location and state of a window.


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