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Version 1.6 (20. Jun 2012)

  • CHG: Added support for Visual Studio 2012 RC and .NET Framework 4.5 RC. All assemblies are provided for both .NET Framework 4 and .NET Framework 4.5 RC. Assemblies targeting .NET Framework 4 are compiled against the latest CTP version of System.Threading.Tasks.Dataflow. Assemblies targeting .NET Framework 4.5 RC are compiled against the pre-release version 4.5.4 available via NuGet (Microsoft.TPL.Dataflow).


  • FIX: Modified the implementation of the overloaded extension methods IgnoreExceptions(..) and WaitForCompletion(..) on type TaskExtensions to always run on the default task scheduler, instead of the calling thread's current task scheduler. This fixes a possible deadlock when calling one of those methods from a message handler, whose agent is torn down in the meantime.


  • FIX: Fixed a possible deadlock that occurs when calling Dispose() on the agent from within a message handler of that agent. This deadlock also occurs when calling Complete(..) on the agent and waiting for completion via Completion as long as the message handler is blocked while the agent is torn down.

  • NEW: Added overloaded method PublishOperation(..) on IMessageBus.


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