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Version 1.2 (28. Mar. 2012)

  • NEW: Introduced initial support for .NET Framework 4.5 Beta 1. All assemblies are provided for both .NET Framework 4 and .NET Framework 4.5 Beta 1. Assemblies targeting .NET Framework 4 are compiled against the latest CTP version of System.Threading.Tasks.Dataflow. Assemblies targeting .NET Framework 4.5 Beta 1 are compilied against the version that is included in the .NET Framework 4.5.


  • FIX: Fixed method AsString() on EnumerableExtensions to handle null-reference collection items.


  • FIX: Fixed property-changed registrations made via RegisterForPropertyChange(..) on ViewModel. Now, those registrations are no longer released too soon. Please note, the underlying implementation changed; weak references are no longer used. Thus, you have to dispose registrations manually to prevent memory leaks.

  • NEW: Added property HasItems to ViewModelCollection. This property can be used in data binding; appropriate property change events are raised.

  • NEW: Added overloaded methods RaisePropertyChanged(..) to ViewModelCollection. Those methods are useful when deriving from and extending ViewModelCollection.

  • NEW: Introduced new value converters:

    • CollapsedWhenNullOrEmptyConverter
    • CollapsedWhenNotNullConverter
    • CollapsedWhenNotNullOrEmptyConverter
    • HiddenWhenNullOrEmptyConverter
    • HiddenWhenNotNullConverter
    • HiddenWhenNotNullOrEmptyConverter
    • HasTextConverter
    • HasNotTextConverter
    • IsNullConverter
    • IsNotNullConverter


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