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Version 1.1 (23. Feb. 2012)


  • CHG: [Breaking] Moved types VerifyResources and ExceptionResources into namespace Amarok.Resources to prevent name conflicts with other resource types.

  • NEW: Introduced new methods MakeDWord(), GetLowWord(), GetHighWord() on class Helper.

  • NEW: Introduced base types Identity, Entity and Entity, which can be used to implement custom identity and entity types.


  • CHG: [Breaking] Moved types AgentResources and RuntimeResources into namespace Amarok.Agent.Resources to prevent name conflicts with other resource types.

  • NEW: Introduced overrideable method OnInitialize() on Agent. This method enables derived types to implement custom initialization logic. The method is called once before all other concurrent and exclusive handlers with the arrival of the first incoming message.

  • NEW: Introduced exception type FailureException that can be used to represents application failures. Each failure is expressed by a unique failure number, which consists of a facility code and failure code. Facility codes indicate to which subsystem the failure belongs. The failure code is a sequential number unique per facility code.


  • NEW: Introduced new collection type ViewModelCollection for building view model collection providing addition methods for manipulating the collection and its contained items. Like ObservableCollection this new collection type supports raising property and collection changed events and thus can be used in data binding.


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