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The Amarok Framework Library consists of three assemblies that make up the framework library.

The library contains a collection of general-purpose helper methods, extension methods and base classes for commonly used functionality.

The library provides a framework for building applications based on agents and messages. The concepts are inspired by the actor model, Microsoft Robotics CCR and the tenets of SOA. This agent-oriented framework enables building loosely-coupled applications that utilize messaging inside the application process as communication between agents.

The library provides a UI framework for building Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications based on the agent-oriented application framework. The UI framework advocates the MVVM pattern but adds an additional controller to that pattern.

Getting Started

You can download pre-built assemblies for .NET 4 and .NET 4.5 from the Downloads section or use provided NuGet packages. Search for package ids amarok.common, amarok.agents and amarok.presentation.

Release Notes

A detailed list of changes for each release can be found under Release Notes.

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